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NextShares: Unleash the active.


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The next evolution of fund investing™

NextShares are the first funds to combine the benefits of exchange trading with the potential for market-beating returns using proprietary active management.

What are NextShares?

NextShares exchange-traded managed funds are a new way to invest in actively managed strategies.

Designed for active management

NextShares may offer cost and tax efficiencies that can enhance shareholder returns.

Are NextShares right for you?

NextShares have wide appeal for long-term investors.

How do I buy and sell NextShares?

NextShares are bought and sold on an exchange through a brokerage account, much like exchange-listed stocks and ETFs.

Everything you always wanted to know about NextShares*


NextShares are new. And somewhat different. But new and different doesn't have to mean complicated or confusing. These questions and answers are intended to help potential users of NextShares get up to speed on this exciting investment product.

Regulatory and Technical Documents
NextShares Regulatory Documents

NextShares-related SEC filings and approvals.

Portfolio-Protected Active ETF Regulatory Documents

SEC filings and related documents.

Issued U.S. Patents

Issued patents underpinning NextShares.

NASDAQ Updates and Specifications

Summaries of changes to trading protocols, feeds and services, with links to detailed specifications.